Anarchy MC 3.0

A semi-anarchy survival server with a strong community that has a long history! Join us to make your own. Scroll down to explore some of the not so typical features.

Not your ordinary anarchy server

Our semi-anarchy server is filled with all the necessities plus some great additional features that only add to the fun experience. Learn more below.

Strong Community

Expect to be welcomed and helped by experienced players, but beware, this is still anarchy, so griefing, PVP and raiding are allowed.

XP Machine

Always wanted to save or trade your XP levels? Well, now you can! Unique to AMC 3.0, at spawn, the XP Machine will save your levels to discs.

Tab Colors

Want to be recognized? If you are an OG or a dedicated player, you can get a custom color for your name in the tab menu. Ask an admin!

Real PVP

AMC 3.0 is bringing back real PVP by eliminating any hacked/modified client hacks that affect PVP. The only permitted hacks are client-side visual hacks.

Getting Started

New to AMC? Don't worry we can help get you started!

Start Here:

When you first join the server you will spawn at the small protected spawn where you will see the information board (you can also type /rules in chat to see the rules anytime) and the walls with the AMC Legends. It's essential that you take a minute to read over the rules. AMC is a semi-anarchy server where you can use hacked clients and mods; however, the rules in the section to the right (or below if you are on mobile) will tell you what hacks/mods you are allowed to use. We restrict the hacks/mods to keep survival and pvp closer to vanilla.

One of the best things about the server is the community. It's diverse, but you have a lot of older players that will greet you and can help you get started. However, greifing, raiding, lying and stealing are allowed. So make sure when you do get started, you travel far out to build.

Another feature located at spawn is the XP Machine. Learn more about that in the section to the right (or below if you are on mobile).

The small spawn area is the only protection on the server. As soon as you leave spawn, you need to be ready to battle it out for survival!

Players can quickly return to spawn by typing /spawn in chat. You can also teleport to other players using the /tpa [playername] command.

The following rules apply, and anyone found infringing them will be banned or punished immediately. The hacks below are bannable.

  • All Aura/PVP hacks, including criticals etc.
  • Jesus and Speed hacks,including any entity speed, elytra or boatfly hacks.
  • Auto-armour and Auto-totem
  • The creation of lag machines, or intending to lag the server with the goal of affecting tps and gameplay

Using any hacks not mentioned above will result in no punishment. That is final.


  • This server is an open, semi-anarchy survival world.
  • The map will never be reset.
  • The server is hosted by Sick_N_Twisted, and is maintained by RandomCoderZ
  • Block and Folz may have co-ownership ranks in the discord, but they have no more powers than any other player on the server, and from now on, have no influence on how the server is managed.
  • We appreciate BLOCK567, as a server founder, and Folz, with his continued efforts to keep the server community alive.
  • PVP and Griefing is allowed, and NO action will be taken by the owners to find out who did it. That is final.
  • The owners (Sick_N_Twisted and RandomCoderZ) are neutral on the server, and will NEVER abuse their positions of power. We only give ourselves OP powers when there is a technical issue on the server which needs to be fixed. Even though we will never abuse our server powers, both the owners have the right to play the server as regular players.
  • If there is an issue on the server or you would like to suggest a change, you can do that by posting in the "report issues" channel in the official MCMP discord:
  • Reporting issues or suggestions to the owners in the in-game chat will be ignored. This also applies to abuse from other players.
  • If we do decide to change the server rules, the decision will be made by Sick_N_Twisted and RandomCoderZ only.

One of the unique features of this server is the XP Machine, located at spawn. After you have acquired 45 levels, you can hit the button on the left. Your levels will be transferred to a disc. You can store, trade, sell or cash in your discs. For a player to retrieve levels off a disc, simply drop one disc at a time on the right side under the DROP sign.

IMPORTANT: Use the machine at your own risk. Try to avoid when players are present to avoid theft.

As the server has gone through changes over the years, the community has always banded together, which is why it has thrived for so long. So we wanted to make sure that if you are part of the community that you are recognized for it! Whenever you are in game and hit the tab key, you will notice players with different colored names.

Tab colors and their meaning:

  • GOLD = Original players who have been part of the server for years.
  • BLUE = Dedicated players with 6 or more game hours on the server.
  • WHITE = New or sporadic players with little game time.

Original and Dedicated players receive the added benefit of having two homes set using the /sethome command. New players only get one.

We want your help and we will give you items for doing so. Visit the following vote links (check back very soon for vote links) for the MCMP Network and after you vote, login to AMC and type /claim in chat. The system will verify your vote and upon confirmation you will receive 2 diamonds and additional bonus items based on a random chance.

Do You Love Playing Here?

Consider helping the maintenance of the server and donate by visiting the store and clicking on the DONATE! link:

MCMP Network Store



Sick_N_Twisted - Owner

Sick is the owner of the server and without him, AMC would have disappeared. Thanks to his excellent technical server-side expertise, he was able to bring back such an awesome server and revive the community once again!


RandomCoderZ - Owner

Random has been a critical component to the entire MCMP Network. He brings an extensive knowledge base and technical problem solving ability that quite frankly, we would not have been able to launch some of our servers without him!


1689er - Admin

As one of the MCMP Network owners, 1689er has been instrumental in the creation and ongoing management of the servers on the network. He has collaborated on many of the technical and design aspects of the network's servers.

Contact Us

Have questions? Need help? Join our discord and contact one of the admins listed above!

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