A pure anarchy survival server with elytra enabled! Challenge yourself and face true survival minecraft, how it was meant to be. Scroll down to explore more.

This is anarchy

Our pure anarchy server has no rules and the map will never be reset.

No Rules

That's right, there are no rules! Lie, cheat, steal, grief, kill at your own discretion. Do as you wish but know that it can come right back at you!

Elytra Enabled

The last remaining anarchy server with elytra enabled. Spread your wings and be free.

TPA & Sethome

We have limited the commands available to keep the experience close to vanilla. We have enabled /tpa and /sethome commands.


No rules brings the demented and dranged out. So just know that chat and builds will not be the most family-friendly.

Getting Started

New to anarchy? Don't worry we can help get you started!

Start Here:

Before you join, it is strongly advised that you research modified and hacked clients because it will be more difficult to survive on here using a vanilla client and nearly impossible to be successful at pvp. However, do extensive research before installing any modifications or clients onto your system as some

When you first join the server you have no protection and will be in the desolate, destroyed wasteland of spawn. It's best to make your way quickly away from spawn. Be careful using the highways and nether portals as spawn pvp'ers love to frequent these spots looking to attack new players.

We recommend traveling far out and away from any major axis or milestone coordinate before building anything significant, because if your base is found, it will most likely be raided and griefed. Challenge yourself and face true survival minecraft, how it was meant to be!

  • This server is an open world, semi-vanilla survival world with little restrictions. The only time we will take action is any attempt to lag or attack our systems.
  • The map has never and will never be reset.
  • PVP, griefing, lying and stealing are all allowed. So be aware and build far away at a safe location.
  • Hacked/Modified Clients are permitted and are pretty much required to survive any amount of time near spawn.

We are the last remaining anarchy server with elytra enabled. With many other servers being forced to disable elytra due to performance issues, we have upgraded our systems to allow elytra to be enabled. So spread your wings and be free!

To keep the experience as close to vanilla as possible, we have limited the commands available to players and we have only added plugins that help maintain maximum performance for the server.

Available Commands:

  • /tpa [playername] = This will send a request to the player you are attempting to teleport to. They must accept with /tpaccept.
  • /sethome = When you find a good location for a base, type /sethome and then anytime you type /home in chat, you will be teleported to that location.

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