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A Skyblock server with multiple, custom starter island variants, economy, ranks, kits, crates, mob arena, and more. Scroll down to explore all of the features and possibilities.

Know our amazing features

Our skyblock server is filled with all the necessities plus some cool additional features that only add to the fun experience. Click on any of the buttons below to learn more.

Starter Islands

We have 5 unique starter island designs that allow for some interesting ways to get started. Click below to receive help getting started.

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Buy / Sell / Farm / Trade, make as much currency as you want! The sky is the limit! You can also purchase in-game currency to start off on top.

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We have all the typical features you see in a skyblock server, and we're adding more! You can achieve many features in game play OR have it all right now!

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Mob Arena & More

At times everyone gets tired and frustrated with building, so we custom built battle arenas! Challenge yourself, see what you're made of!

Get Started

Getting Started

New to skyblock? Don't worry we can help get you started!

Start Here:

When you join the server you will spawn on the spawn island facing the information board. You will be presented with instructions on how to start your own island, receive starter kits, etc. However, you will want to explore the spawn island first. To your right, inside the blue stained glass dome is where you access the crates. You can visit our online store to purchase keys to the crates here:

MCMP Network Store

Directly behind you, across the bridge is where you access the PVP areas. One important thing to note, is that if you die in the PVP areas you will lose your items and gear. So enter at your own risk.

To your left, climb the tongue and enter the monster's mouth to access the Monster Arena, where you can test your combat and survival skills against intense hoards of hostile mobs!

And finally, follow the pathway straight ahead to view the starter island choices. When you are ready, type /island in the chat and you will then be able to choose your island. You can also type /kits in chat to get some starter gear and items. At anytime you can type /spawn in chat to return to the spawn island, as well as /island (or /is for short) to go to your island.

For more advanced features, click on the tabs to the right (or below if you are on mobile).

  • No Hacked/Modified Clients allowed
    • First offense temp ban
    • Second offense perm ban
  • No greifing, stealing, or scamming from other players
    • First offense temp ban
    • Second offense perm ban
  • Harassment of other players or staff will not be tolerated.
    • First time offenders will be muted for a period determined by the staff but no longer than 48 hours
    • Second offense will result in a ban for up to 1 month at the staffs’ discretion.
    • Third offense will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions.
  • Absolutely no racism, sexism or anti-gay rhetoric will be tolerated, and if violated, will result in a 1 month ban or a permanent ban at the staff’s discretion.
  • No spamming of any kind, violators will be muted.

Our server has a fully packaged economy that allows you to buy and sell items. To access the in game shop, simply type in chat /shop and then you can navigate to the item you wish to purchase or sell. Just remember, left clicking an item will take you to the buy screen and right clicking will take you to the sell screen (please note, not all items are available to sell).

Ranks start from Peon and go up to Legend. If you would like to have more perks such as exclusive kits, commands, custom signs, and more; then visit our online store at:

MCMP Network Store

After clicking the link above, click on World of Skycraft in the menu, and then on Ranks. Each rank package will give you the details of what you receive.

World of Skycraft has multiple custom built battle areas. To enter the PVP Areas, go to the spawn island by typing /spawn and walk across the small bridge into the PVP teleport hut. Here you have three different locations where you can teleport into the PVP Area.

PLEASE NOTE: If you die you will lose all of your items and gear. So enter at your own risk.

Another option is the Monster Arena, where you can battle it out with hordes of hostile mobs! To enter the Monster Arena, go to the spawn island by typing /spawn then climb up the tongue of the monster to your left and enter his mouth to be teleported to the arena.

We offer a number of commands, some of which have already been noted in this section, but we also offer many more and they are based on ranks. To view the details of what we offer, click on the store link below and then click on Ranks in the World of Skycraft menu tab.

MCMP Network Store

Want To Get More Now?

Visit Our Store To Purchase Ranks/Crate Keys/In-Game Currency/Spawners

MCMP Network Store



GMays131 - Owner

Garrett is the owner and creator of World of Skycraft. His excellent technical and design skills are shown by the incredible builds throughout the server. Feel free to reach out to Garrett for help or technical issues.


Ape - Admin

Ape has been part of the development and management early on with the server. He brings quality technical skills and can help with any questions or in-game challenges you may have.


1689er - Admin

As one of the MCMP Network owners, 1689er has been instrumental in the creation and ongoing management of the servers on the network. He has collaborated on many of the technial and design aspects of the network servers.

Contact Us

Have questions? Need help? Join our discord and contact one of the admins listed above!

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